Barkly Aviation

Barkly Aviation Pty Ltd has a specially selected fleet of aircraft and experienced and professional pilots that are available for many types of aerial work. In particular, our GA8 Airvan are ideal for Ariel Surveillance, Photography and Special Task Work for law enforcement, as it can be flown at very low speeds with no vibration, and the ability to fly with the large back sliding door open which provides unrestricted vision for photographers and TV camera persons. Our Cessna 172 can also be used for aerial photography and this is often flown with the window open to ensure good photos.

The GA8 Airvan is mounted with a Special Task Cargo Pod underneath which allows camera devices to be discreetly packaged in a manner that is considered desirable by specialist operators. An operator’s console, work station and hardware can be installed in the spacious cabin.

Please contact us at or 0400 924 474 for further information.