Barkly Aviation

Barkly Aviation was founded in 2011 upon discovering the urgent need for safer and more reliable patient remote travel after spending many years living in remote Northern Territory and North West Queensland.  Our services allow the transport of passengers in a short period of time, instead of the old way of battling the vast harsh desert conditions in poorly equipped vehicles and wet season periods that  cut off communities across these regions.  Since this time, Barkly Aviation has expanded their operations to include a variety of air charter services.

Barkly Aviation is committed to delivering the highest standard of service, quality and professionalism in aircraft charter. Our priority is your safety, security and comfort and our aim is give impeccable customer service everytime. Our goal is to understand your needs, accommodate your requirements and the flexibility to change with your schedule.

Barkly Aviation delivers a new and unparallel way to experience private travel. We personally understand our clients’ needs so our private charter flights are fast, efficient and flexible; saving you time and energy for business or for pleasure.